Lisa Wojna

Weird Canadian Laws - Strange, Bizarre, Wacky & Absurd

If you can imagine it, somewhere there's probably a law against it. Laugh out loud over some of Canada's strangest laws - but not too loudly, or you might get a ticket: Until 2002 in BC, you couldn't stand up while having a drink in a restaurant In Halifax, cabbies are required to wear socks You're not allowed to dogsled on the sidewalks in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario In Ponoka, Alberta, don't build a mud hut or a house with a straw roof Don't let your Canadian flag snap in the wind in Collingwood, Ontario Coloured margarine is illegal in Quebec Don't leave a trail of nails, tacks or glass behind you when you walk down the streets of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Clear sodas are not allowed to contain caffeine in Canada. Plus more outdated, outmoded or just plain outlandish laws from throughout Canada.
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